2021 Bag Collection - Potter Basket

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Thank to Cascade Yarns for supporting the yarn for use in my project. The yarn I was using in this project is Cascade Cherub Aran 

Let's make a pumpkin basket! Are you ready for the FUN?
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Yarn: (worsted weighted yarn) Weight Category 4

Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran 
(Thanks to Cascade Yarns for sponsoring the yarn for this pattern.)

Harvest Pumpkin (99) [3.5 oz/100 g, 240 yds/220 m]
Amount required (with yarn held double): 230 yds/211 m -- 2 balls
Brown or Green yarn for basket handle from stash.

Tools and Notions:

4.5 mm (H) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
darning needle
stitch marker
pipe cleaners for craft
For decoration only: sticky back velvet sheets

Gauge: (in 4" x 4"/10cm x 10cm)

16 sc x 17 rows in single crochet with yarn double

Finished size:

(Approximately) 7" in diameter x 7” (H) /18 cm in diameter x 18 cm (H) 


fpdc = front post double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
hdc dec = half double crochet decrease
hdc inc = 2 half double crochet in 1 st
rep = repeat
sc = single crochet
sc inc = work 2 single crochet in 1 st
st(s) = stitch(es)


Do not join rounds, work in a continuous spiral. 
Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of round.
All stitches are worked in both loops. Hold yarn double throughout.

Hold yarn double throughout

You will need to work 2 round pieces for the base.
First one: Magic ring
Round 1: make 8 sc into the magic ring. 8 sts
Round 2: sc inc in each st around. 16 sts
Round 3: rep [sc inc, sc] 8 times. 24 sts
Round 4: rep [sc, sc inc, sc] 8 times. 32 sts
Round 5: rep [3 sc, sc inc] 8 times. 40 sts
Round 6: sc in each st around. 40 sts
Round 7: rep [2 sc, sc inc, 2 sc] 8 times. 48 sts
Round 8: sc in each st around. 48 sts
Round 9: rep [sc inc, 5 sc] 8 times. 56 sts
Round 10: sc in each st around. 56 sts
Fasten off and weave in ends for the first round piece.

Start working on the second one with exactly the same method.

Do not break yarn when round 11 is complete.

Round 11: Put 2 round pieces with the wrong side together, sc around to join these 2 pieces together so that you have a double bottom for the pumpkin basket. 56 sts

Round 13: rep [hdc 3, hdc inc, hdc 4] 7 times. 63 sts
Round 14: rep [hdc inc, hdc 6, hdc inc, fpdc] 8 times. 77 sts
Round 15 - Round 29: rep [10 hdc, fpdc] 8 times 77 sts
Round 30: rep [hdc dec, 6 hdc, hdc dec, fpdc] 8 times. 63 sts
Round 31: sc in each st around. When working this round, I highly recommend you add the pipe cleaners to provide extra support.

To do so, insert crochet hook into stitch below the pipe cleaner, yarn over, pull stitch through, yarn over, crochet hook above the pipe cleaner, pull through both loops. 

To join the pipe cleaner, simply twist the ends, just remember to try your best to hide the point so that they won’t hurt someone. Tape the ends if necessary.

Round 32 - Round 34: sc in each st around. 63 sts

Fasten off. 

Fold the top 2 rows down. Sew with whip stitch. Weave in ends.


  • Ch 6, sc into 2nd chain from hook, sc in each stitch across. Do not chain and turn. 5 sts

  • Fold the piece as shown in the picture. With the right side of the stitches facing you, start working in rounds. Sc in each stitch around.
  • Rep last step until the piece reaches you desired length. (mine is about 16” /10 cm long)
  • Sew handle on to basket.



Draw your favorite pumpkin face design on the back of a velvet sheet. Just remember the face will be the mirror image of the final look.

Cut out the sheet and stick it on your basket.  


Please share your finished work on social media using #warmlinx or by tagging @warmlinx on Instagram! Thank you!

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