4-color Block Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

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Add this pattern to your Ravelry Favoriates Here. Pin this pattern for later Here. This pattern downloadable for free on Craftsy! Materials: Light worsted weighted yarn of Color A (Bernat Softee Baby Yarn-Lemon) about yarn weight Light worsted weighted yarn of Color B (Bernat Softee Baby Yarn - Mint) Light worsted weighted yarn of Color C (Bernat Softee Baby Yarn - Pink) Light worsted weighted yarn of Color D (Bernat Softee Baby Yarn - Blue) 4.5mm knitting needle (7) or size needed to obtain gauge ---knitting needle coversion chart Tapestry needle Gauge: 4in*4in =27 sts*38 row Abbreviation Finish Size (Blanket Size) 23.5"*28" PATTERN block = 8 sts*10 row In color A, cast on 146 sts. Row 1(RS): k1, *k8, p8, rep from * to the end, k1. Row 2(WS): k1, *p8, k8, rep from * to the end, k1. Row 3-10: rep row 1 and row 2, break yarn. In color B, Row 11(RS): k1, *p8, k8, rep from * to the end, k1. Row 12(WS): k1, *k8, p8, rep from * to the end, k1. Row 13-20: rep row 11 and row 12, break yarn. In color C, Row 21-30: rep row 1-10. In color D, Row 31-40: rep row 11-20. Row 41-250: rep row 1-40. Bind off. Border In color D, pick and knit 144+1+200+1+144+1+200+1 all around the blanket, using 3 circular needle, work in round, m3 at corner every other row. Round 1: k. Round 2: p. Repeat last 2 rows 4 times more. Bind off. Weave in all ends
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