Llama Glow Pom-Pom Hat

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Have you ever tried knitting with llama yarn? The llama fiber is hollow, making it’s light-weigh and also quiet warm and soft when you wear it. This Plymouth DFM baby llama glow has a silver metallic mix with it, creating a super shimmer look. Also the best part of it, is that you could create any shade you like by using food color or yarn dye. Please note that the original color is not pure white, it's more like greyish white to me.

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Follow me on Instagram @warmlinx Subscribe my Youtube Channel Here shop WarmLinx Handmade on etsy Here This Pattern Will Only Available FREE on the blog For a Limited Time. (now till 4/1/2018). You can still purchase my pattern on my Etsy Store and Craftsy Store after that. Thank you! Material: Plymouth Yarn Dye For Me baby llama glow - Natural (4.4oz/125g per skein)
1-Pom 3-Pom
Baby 15”-16” 1 skein (about 1.8 oz) 1 skein (about 2.3oz)
Toddler 17”-18” 1 skein 1 skein
Children 19”-20” 1 skein (about 3.1 oz) 1 skein (about 3.6 oz)
Teen 21”-22” 1 skein 2 skein
Adult 23”-24” 2 skein (about 5 oz) 2 skein (about 6.3 oz)
3.75mm knitting needle Pom-Pom maker (1 5/8 in, 2 1/2 in, 3 3/8 in)
Top Pom Side Pom
Baby 15”-16” 2 1/2 in 1 5/8 in
Toddler 17”-18” 2 1/2 in 1 5/8 in
Children 19”-20” 2 1/2 in 1 5/8 in
Teen 21”-22” 3 3/8 in 2 1/2 in
Adult 23”-24” 3 3/8 in 2 1/2 in
Cable needle
Darning needle
Gauge: 4” * 4” = 36 sts * 32 rows Abbreviations: Pattern Note: I’m using knotted edge for the edge stitch. It’s simple, just knit the first and last stitch in each row. You could use any cast-on method you preferred. I put my method here just for your reference. This method could create a more rounded edge of the brim. Finish Size: (Fits head circumference) --- Hat Sizing Chart Baby 15”-16”, Toddler 17”-18”, Children 19”-20”, Teen 21”-22”, Adult 23”-24” (1-pom hat runs 1 size small) PATTERN Heading Here to see How to make Perfect Pom-Pom using Clover Pom-Pom Maker

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