Minion Crochet Hat with detachable goggle PATTERN

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This post contains affiliate links. If you love the pattern and want to make one, you can simply make the purchase through my link. Thank you for your support. More information please see my policies. If you want to get a ad-free PDF version of the pattern, please visit my Etsy store. Thank you! I'm just curious about how minion look without goggle. So here comes the idea of the hat. Materials: Yellow worsted weight yarn(Lion Brand Pound of Love - Honey Bee) Blue worsted weight yarn(Lion Brand Pound of Love - Denim) Black worsted weight yarn(Lion Brand Pound of Love - Black) Grey worsted weight yarn(Lion Brand Pound of Love - Oxford Grey) White worsted weight yarn(Lion Brand Pound of Love - White) Brown worsted weight yarn(Caron Simply Soft Yarn - chocolate5.0mm crochet hook (H) or size needed to obtain gauge Darning needle Markers (optional) Gauge: Round 1 and 2 =2 inches in diameter 4in*4in =14DC*9 Rows Abbreviations PATTERN To start with the hat, please see my post of Basic Beanie Hat with Earflaps Crochet Pattern (Double Crochet). Using the yellow yarn for the most part of the hat and blue yarn for the last round and the earflaps The Eye, make 2 In Black, magic ring, ch2(count as DC) , 9DC in magic ring, sl st in first DC(10DC) In Brown, Rnd 2: ch2(count as DC), DC in the same, 2DC in each around, join to first DC (20DC) In White, Rnd 3: ch2(count as HDC), HDC in the same, HDC, *2HDC in 1 st, HDC, rep from * around, join to first HDC (30HDC) In Yellow, Rnd 4: ch1(count as SC), SC around in the back loop of the HDC (30SC)(This help to secure the goggle into place), leave a long tail With scrap yarn, sew a little reflection spot. I didn't weave in the ends of eye pieces, but place the ends at the back of the eye so that the eye would pop out a little bit. Goggle In Grey, ch32, join to the first st, make the sure the chain is not twisted, Rnd 2-4: sc in each around leave a long tail, fold the loop in half, sew the first and last rnd together make 2, and sew together in the middle In Black Pick 5 at the side of goggle, turn, sc in each across, turn and repeat till the length of strap is long enough to wrap around the hat, sl st to another side of goggle. Be careful about the tension of the strap, not too tight to make the goggle out of shape, or too loose to fall off the hat. FINISH Place the eyes and goggle together onto the hat to make sure the place of eyes would match the goggle and sew eyes into place In Black, ch12-14, leave a long tail, sew into place. This will be the mouth of minion. cut 10 4" black yarn, fold in half and attach to the top of the hat I also cut 12 24" blue yarn, 3 strands in a group, fold in half, attach to the end of earflap to make the braids. Any Question or Suggestion? Contact me at

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